Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Countax launch new diesel garden tractor

A new diesel lawn tractor offers better economy, faster mowing and help with a variety of garden chores

In today’s financial climate, value-for-money is more important than ever before. Not only must a garden tractor perform, it must be easy-to-use, economical to run and capable of a variety of tasks – not only mowing the lawn. The new D23-50LN, Countax’s latest garden tractor, promises to deliver on all of these requirements.

A fuel efficient, 784cc three-cylinder diesel engine powers the D23-50LN.  It runs longer on a single tank of fuel than any other Countax and the 127cm Combi deck means that even a large lawn can be cut faster. The optional 390 litre grass collector uses a powered brush to sweep the cuttings from the lawn. It picks up almost everything left behind and even wet grass can be cut and collected this way without fear of clogging up the deck or collector. The Countax especially appeals to anyone who wants to avoid clippings being trodden into the house after the grass has been mowed.

The high-torque output from the tractor’s engine (around 46NM) has been harnessed through an innovative ‘hybrid-drive’ system. The cutting deck and a rear power take-off (PTO) are belt driven from a rear-mounted gearbox which receives its power from a drive shaft running through the body of the tractor. At low-revs, the tractor can cope with a variety of cutting conditions and there is ample torque to power accessories mounted to the PTO.

Countax are offering the new D23-50LN in two deck configurations. The 127cm (50”) Combi deck can be used as either a rear-discharge or mulching deck (with the application of a mulching adapter). The tractor is also available with a 107cm High Grass Mulching deck, a heavy-duty cutter used for leveling tall grass, stinging nettles and brambles.

The D23-50LN is available from March. Prices from £7960 Inc-VAT (SRP)

View the D23-50LN information sheet

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  1. Le D23-50LN sortira t-il en 4 roues motrices et directrices d'ici l'an prochain ? Je compte opter pour ce modèle mais s'il était disponible avec les 4 roues motrices et directrices, ce serait vraiment le top...