Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Can I cut wet grass?

Should you mow wet grass? In an ideal world it would be avoided. However, many people are just too busy to mow their lawn only when the weather is good. If the grass needs mowing, the weekend may be the only opportunity you get - even if it means cutting wet grass.
March and April pose the biggest problem. These two months, in the UK at least, see the greatest grass growth and can often be wet. The wetter it gets, the longer the grass grows. So is it OK to mow wet grass? With the correct equipment... yes it can be.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Countax launch new diesel garden tractor

A new diesel lawn tractor offers better economy, faster mowing and help with a variety of garden chores

In today’s financial climate, value-for-money is more important than ever before. Not only must a garden tractor perform, it must be easy-to-use, economical to run and capable of a variety of tasks – not only mowing the lawn. The new D23-50LN, Countax’s latest garden tractor, promises to deliver on all of these requirements.