Friday, 14 February 2014

Introducing the ALL NEW Countax C Series

The new C Series is a garden tractor built to professional standards that provides the best quality of cut without compromising your weekend.

Time is precious. Mowing the lawn, especially in a large garden can be more than just a chore. Your hard-earned weekend can quickly disappear into an endless trek around the garden, interrupted by the occasional pit stop to unclog wet clippings stuck inside the collector and cutter deck. Try to mow faster and the
problem gets worse.

The C Series works differently. It has a powered cut and collect system which allows you to mow your lawn faster but without compromising the quality of cut. The newly designed ‘XRD’ cutter deck uses contra-rotating blades which cut the grass before throwing the clippings into the path of a powered grass collector. Driven by the tractor’s engine, the collector brushes the clippings from the lawn into a large 300 litre hopper. An integrated lawn roller neatly stripes the lawn at the same time. A C Series cuts shorter, collects fully and won’t clog – even when the grass is wet.